Tokamak elongation – how much is too much?

Jungpyo Lee


Friday, September 25, 2015



PSFC Seminars

Bio: Jungpyo Lee received his Ph.D degree from MIT in 2013 and then spent two years at NYU's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences for his post-doctoral research. He returned to the MIT in June of 2015 to join the PSFC theory group as a research scientist. His main research interests are the plasma physics theory and computation.

Abstract: It has been known for many years that tokamak performance, as measured by pressure and energy confinement time, improves substantially as the plasma cross section becomes more elongated.  There are, however, also well known limits on the maximum achievable elongation, which arise from the excitation of n=0 vertical instabilities in the plasma. In this talk, theoretical prediction of maximum elongation will be given by considering the n=0 ideal MHD mode with a resistive wall model using a new numerical technique.