Maria Gatu-Johnson and Johan Frenje

Maria Gatu-Johnson and Johan Frenje

Photo: Paul Rivenberg

Frenje and Gatu-Johnson recognized for LLNL Collaboration

Paul Rivenberg  |  PSFC

Plasma Science and Fusion Center research scientist Maria Gatu-Johnson and principal research scientist Johan Frenje have been selected as co-recipients of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s FY14 Director’s Science and Technology Award.

They received the award, along with their coauthors and collaborators at LLNL, for the article "Measurement of the T + T Neutron Spectrum Using the National Ignition Facility," which was published in Physical Review Letters in August 2013.

These awards were initiated in FY2000 to acknowledge and celebrate especially significant accomplishments by the Laboratory's scientific, technical, and engineering staff and collaborators. The awards are presented annually to individuals and teams who have made outstanding recent contributions that are widely acknowledged both internally and outside the Laboratory.