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Seminars at the psfc


Spring 2014
Seminar Series

Spring 2014 Seminar Schedule

All Seminars are on Friday at 3PM,unless otherwise noted.
NW17-218, 175 Albany Street, Cambridge

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March 7
Yuri Shprits

Skoltech Institute, MIT
Plasma wave interactions with relativistic electrons in the Earth's Van Allen radiation belts

March 14

Istvan Cziegler

University of California, San Diego

Nonlinear interactions and flow production in the tokamak edge


April 4
Tim Luce
General Atomics
The future of fusion
April 11
Clemente Angioni
MPI, Garching
Tungsten transport in JET H-mode plasmas, experimental observations and modelling
April 18
Paul Graboski

University of California, Irvine
Stopping power in dense plasmas
May 2
Antoine Cerfon
New York University
Beam dynamics in high intensity cyclotrons: can fusion theorists help nuclear medicine
May 9
Istvan Pusztai

Departures from a Maxwellian drive and high mode number kink modes in gyrokinetic simulations
May 16
Edl Schamiloglu

University of New Mexico
Plasma Physics Issues of High Power Microwave Sources


May 23
Dan Casey

Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
Mix and recent High-Foot NIF results




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