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Plasma Science and Fusion Center

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Seminars at the psfc

Fall 2014
Seminar Series

Spring 2015 Seminar Schedule

All Seminars are on Friday at 3PM,unless otherwise noted.
NW17-218, 175 Albany Street, Cambridge

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February 25
Wednesday, 3PM
Nat Fisch

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Alpha channeling and lower hybrid current drive

March 6

Richard Milner


Nuclear polarized He-3: A tool for fundamental physics and

important applications


March 13

Yevgeny Raitses

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Plasma synthesis of nanomaterials: A joint challenge of plasma and

materials sciences


March 20
Dick Majeski

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

LTX operation with solid and liquid lithium PFCs

April 3

Chuck Kessel

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

ARIES-ACT power plant studies and activities in the FNSF study


April 17

Francesca Turco

Columbia University

The steady-state hybrid scenario and its projection to ITER and FNSF


April 24

Phil Synder
General Atomics
Super H-Mode:  A new pedestal solution to enable high

performance tokamak operation


May 1
Howard Wilson

University of York
Structure of linear drift instabilities in tokamaks -

possible implications for pedestal physics


May 7
Mike Kotschenreuther

University of Texas
Trouble at the tokamak boundary, and what to do about it


May 15
Leonid E. Zakharov

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Theory of tokamaks VDE and associated currents



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