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cross-section of a plasma

Multi-Scale Simulations Solve a Plasma Turbulence Mystery

Researchers at MIT’s PSFC, in collaboration with colleagues at UCSD and General Atomics, have performed high-resolution multi-scale simulations to simultaneously resolve multiple turbulence instabilities that have previously been treated in separate simulations.


Hans Rinderknecht, Dan Casey, Alex Zylstra, and Mike Rosenberg

MIT graduate students receive prestigious Lawrence award

Graduate students Hans Rinderknecht and Alex Zylstra, members of the MIT Physics Department who both work in the PSFC’s High-Energy-Density (HEDP) division, have each received the Lawrence fellowship.

MIT News

NIF-MIT PhD Thesis Program participants

NIF-MIT Partnership Mints New PhDs

Working hand-in-hand with LLNL researchers on NIF experiments and diagnostics is proving to be a highly successful academic strategy for recent and current physics PhD students at MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory