John Edward Rice

John Edward Rice

Senior Research Scientist





S.B. in physics MIT (1975)
Sc.D. in physics MIT (1979)


X-ray spectroscopy; intrinsic rotation, impurity, momentum and energy transport; atomic physics of highly ionized high Z materials.


Areas of interest include intrinsic rotation, internal transport barrier formation, momentum, impurity and energy transport, and spectroscopy of medium and high Z impurities in magnetic confinement devices. Has authored over 150 refereed journal articles, with 48 as first author. Paper “Inter-Machine Comparison of Intrinsic Toroidal Rotation in Tokamaks”, J.E.Rice et al., Nucl. Fusion 47, 1618 (2007) won the 2010 Nuclear Fusion Journal Prize. Has served on the Ph.D. committees for 9 graduate students, and has supervised 20 M.I.T. undergraduate theses. Has been an APS Fellow since 2006, is currently the Chair of the US Transport Task Force, has served on the executive committees for Atomic Processes in Plasmas, and High Temperature Plasma Diagnostics, and has been an official US member of the ITPA Transport and Confinement Group since 2001.


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