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Plasma Science and Fusion Center

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


WAves & beams

Novel Electromagnetic Structures

Rod sandwich. A periodic lattice of rods can maintain a pure microwave broadcast at high frequency better than conventional resonators used in cell phones and satellites.

We are conducting research on novel electromagnetic structures which can be used for confinement of microwaves and light. Quasioptical and Photonic Band Gap (PBG) structures have very useful properties for confining microwaves and light. These structures can be used in microwave generators such as vacuum electron devices including gyrotrons, traveling wave tubes etc. We have demonstrated different applications of PBG structures as mode selective resonators in gyrotrons and high gradient accelerators.

Photonic Band Gap (PBG) Structures

PBG structures are frequency selective structures made of metal or dielectrics. Potential applications of PBG structures range from high frequency microwave sources and high gradient charged particle accelerators. A 140 GHz gyrotron oscillator with a PBG resonator and a PBG cell for 17 GHz high gradient accelerator applications have already been demonstrated at MIT. A 6 cell PBG resonator based accelerating structure was recently demonstrated.

Lattice sends a crystal clear signal

Boston Globe Article

Quasioptical Structures

Quasioptical structures have very useful properties for confining electromagnetic radiation particularly at millimeter and sub millimeter wave frequencies. We have demonstrated a gyrotron oscillator and a gyrotron amplifier using quasioptical structures. The mode selective properties of the structure help in suppressing of spurious competing modes.




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