Giving to the PSFC

The central focus of PSFC activities is to create a scientific and engineering base for the development of fusion power. Harnessing fusion power is difficult; however, the PSFC is uniquely positioned to tackle the problem and on a timescale that is relevant to climate change.

The Center has laid out a long term plan to design, build, and operate a new fusion device called SPARC that will carry out the world’s first demonstration of net energy from fusion — a historic moment for mankind and the first new energy source of the millennium.

Significant philanthropic support is required to make this vision a reality. Please join us by making a gift today. Gifts to the following expendable funds will have the highest strategic impact on the current projects by supporting people (students, faculty and staff) and providing the team with the appropriate materials, equipment and lab space.

We look forward to your partnership. Together, we can develop smaller, faster cheaper approaches to the development of practical fusion energy.

For information please contact Caitlin Dockendorff at or 339-788-0498.

Give to the SPARC Fund

Give to the Plasma Science and Fusion Center Fund