DNB Operating Instructions

Author: D. Beals
Last Updated: 11 April, 2005

The operation of the Diagnostic Neutral Beam (DNB) involves power systems, data acquisition, Linux, VNC and many other systems. The intent of this document is to provide a rough guide to these systems. Suggestions and assistance for improvement of the documentation or the beam systems are always welcome.

Please select a category that is applicable:

Daily Startup and Shutdown: In cell procedures for powering up and getting ready for beam operation.
Daily Operation: Things you need to do for each CMod shot and between shot conditioning.
Screen Shots:  Java software screen shots for your fiducial reference.
Problem Solving: The beam isn't behaving - and what you should try to get it to work.
Performance Improvement: Hints for improving the beam current and pulse shape.
Cryogenics: Liquid Helium and Liquid Nitrogen related info including regeneration.
Computer Systems: Beam Java interface, PLC, Linux and VNC (for remote control).
Calorimeter: Where to find the calorimeter analysis routine.