MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center


Bo Li


Postdoctoral Associate

(617) 253-6748





Ph.D. in Physics, University of Texas at Austin (2007)


Research Interests


Plasma Physics, Computational Physics, Fluid Dynamics, Statistical Physics, Nonlinear Dynamics.


Research Experience


Postdoctoral Associate, Plasma Science and Fusion Center, MIT (2010–present)


Research Associate, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Dartmouth College (2007–2010)


Selected Publications


B. Li and D. R. Ernst, Gyrokinetic Fokker-Planck Collision Operator, Physical Review Letters, 106, 195002 (2011)


B. Li, B. N. Rogers, P. Ricci, K. W. Gentle and A. Bhattacharjee, Turbulence and bias-induced flows in simple magnetized toroidal plasmas, Physical Review E, 83, 056406 (2011).


B. D. G. Chandran, B. Li, B. N. Rogers, E. Quataert, and K. Germaschewski, Perpendicular Ion
Heating by Low-frequency Alfven-wave Turbulence in the Solar Wind
,  The Astrophysical  Journal, 720,  503-515 (2010).


B. Li, B. N. Rogers, P. Ricci, and K. W. Gentle, Plasma transport and turbulence in the Helimak: Simulation and experiment, Physics of Plasmas, 16, 082510 (2009).


L. J. Zheng, B. Li, R. D. Hazeltine, Bifurcated states of the error-field-induced magnetic islands, Physics Letters A, 372, 2056-2060 (2008).


B. Li, R. D. Hazeltine, and K. W. Gentle, Plasma fluctuations as Markovian noise, Physical Review E, 76, 066402 (2007).


B. Li and R. D. Hazeltine, Applications of noise theory to plasma fluctuations, Physical Review E, 73, 065402(R) (2006).