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Poster at APS/DPP 2000 "H-mode pedestal studies in Alcator C-Mod."

Poster at EPS 2001 "MHD stability of edge plasma in Alcator C-Mod"

APS/DPP 2001 talk on C-mod/DIII-D similarity experiment 

APS/DPP 2001 poster "Pedestal limiting MHD activity in Alcator C-Mod edge plasma"

  APS2002 invited talk "H-mode pedestal stability in Alcator C-Mod"

  Talk at TTF 2003 "Local dimensionless identity method as a tool for studying H-mode pedestal."

  Poster at EPS 2003 "H-mode pedestal physics studies in local dimensionless identity experiments."



Alcator C-Mod Thomson scattering diagnostics

C-Mod - DIII-D edge similarity experiment

PSFC preprint of the paper Phys. Plasmas, 10(3), 689 (2003)

JET-C-Mod edge identity experiment:

Pedestal scaling and Identity studies (G. Maddison) - Proceedings of 30th EPS Conference on Controlled Fusion, St. Petersburg, Russia (2003)

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