Plasma Science and Fusion Center
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Upcoming Meetings 

Workshops, conferences, meetings will be announced on this page as information becomes available. If you have any information about an upcoming meeting which you would like to publicize, please send the information here.

Conference, Workshop, Meeting Dates Invited Nominations Abstract Deadline Internal Deadline (C-Mod) Acceptance Notification (external) Paper Submission Contact/Comments
Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference

New York, NY
16-18 March

19 January 2015
19 Jan

Antoine Cerfone
2015 US/EU TTF

Salem, MA
22-25 April

21 Feb 2015
20 Feb

early registration 20 March
21st Topical Conference on Radiofrequency Power in Plasmas

Lake Arrowhead, CA
27-29 April
19 Jan
6 March
4 March
9 Feb
1 May
registration: 9 March
15th Inter. Conf. Plasma-Facing Materials and Components for Fusion Applications
Aix-en-Provence, France
18-22 May

23 Jan
22 Jan
27 Feb
19 May
Registration: 18 April
8th IAEA Tech. Meeting on Steady State Operations of Magnetic Fusion Devices

Nara, Japan
26-29 May

21 Feb
20 Feb
21 March


2015 Symposium on Fusion Engineering

Austin, TX
31 May - 4 June

31 Jan
16 Jan
21 March
20 June
Contact: Jean-Paul Allain
42nd EPS Conf. on Plasma Physics

Lisbon, Portugal
22-26 June
14 Nov '14

20 Feb
19 Feb
31 March
19 June
registration ends: 30 April
15th Workshop in H-Mode Physics and Transport Barriers

Garching, Germany
19-21 Oct.

19 June

17 July
18 Dec
registration ends: 18 Sept
57th APS Div of Plasma Physics Meeting

Savannah, GA
16-20 Nov.
May 2015
30 Nov

*list is maintained by Steve Wukitch

Submission procedure

All Alcator C-Mod related presentations (including publications and abstracts) are required to be reviewed internally before submission.The following steps are required:

  • All coauthors should have received a draft of the document (e.g. paper, abstract) prior to the internal deadline for proper review.
  • Obtain final approval from Martin Greenwald  before submission and send a copy to Jessica Coco for archiving.