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The Sun

The Future of Fusion

The fundamental features of fusion – inexhaustible fuel and large power density – would allow it to provide carbon-free energy at a scale needed to address climate change. Making clean, safe and economical fusion energy available to our society is a grand challenge of 21st century science and engineering. MORE

What is Plasma?

Plasma is superheated matter – so hot that the electrons are ripped away from the atoms forming an ionized gas. It comprises over 99% of the visible universe. MORE

simulation of lower hybrid waves

Stellarator confinement of fusion plasmas

February 18

Allen Boozer
Columbia University


INL's Mark Hermann visit the PSFC

MIT PhD research advances at the National Ignition Facility


Dennis Whyte at TEDxBeaconStreet

VIDEO TEDxBeaconStreet: Bringing a Star to Earth for Energy

Our lives revolve entirely around electricity. Dennis Whyte, a professor of nuclear science and engineering, has a vision for how we can consume energy in a cleaner, nearly limitless way. MORE