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Dennis Whyte, MIT


Fusion: The next big thing

Dennis Whyte: “The conditions necessary to make fusion power are in hand.” 

Joe Paradison, MIT

Spinning data into sound

A modular synthesizer translates data from the Alcator C-Mod tokamak into artful sound.

Alcator C-mod Interior from A-Port, MIT

360-degree VIDEO TOUR

Alcator C-Mod 

Take a 360 degree video tour of the Alcator C-Mod tokamak, the fusion experiment at MIT's Plasma Science and Fusion Center.

The Sun

The Future of Fusion

The fundamental features of fusion – inexhaustible fuel and large power density – would allow it to provide carbon-free energy at a scale needed to address climate change. 

What is Plasma?

Plasma is superheated matter – so hot that the electrons are ripped away from the atoms forming an ionized gas. It comprises over 99% of the visible universe.

simulation of lower hybrid waves

Collisionless plasma shocks: properties, interests and similarities to fluid shocks

June 14

Antoine Bret
Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha